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Fantasy Football Portal - WikiWith a following of 30+ million across Europe and 40+ million across the U.S. Daily Fantasy Football (DFF) can still be considered very much in its infancy. At Fantasy Football Portal we are passionate about Fantasy Football and want to make it easy for newcomers and casual players alike to quickly learn the basics and progress into advanced knowledge to be able to enjoy the many rewards this sport has to offer.

We have a Beginner section that covers most of the basics but we also have an Advanced section for people already familiar with the game and wanting to expand their knowledge and learn more. We also realise that Fantasy Football has its own unique language that may be alien to many – in fact even across continents. This is why we kickstarted a Fantasy Football WIKI on which we continuously work to provide detailed explanations of many of the terms and concepts you will stumble across in your daily Fantasy Football career.

The Beginner and Advanced section as well as the WIKI are for you – and thus we appreciate any feedback and comments on how to improve or add anything you feel is missing or that can add value. If you want to contribute – send us what you have and we’ll be happy to review it and, if approved, publish it with the appropriate credit.

Our goal is to build the biggest and most comprehensive Fantasy Football Portal Wiki as the ultimate reference guide for Daily Fantasy Football and related terms.

Daily Fantasy Football is on the rise and we want to do everything to help spread the word – help us by sharing this with your friends!

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