Part of the beauty of daily fantasy football is the team selection process. You will agonize over which players to include or leave out as you wrestle with salary restrictions and a whole host of other considerations. Our advanced section is the place for you, providing detailed analysis of line-up building, covering all the available playing positions as well as discussing all the key fundamentals to success.

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Team Building

We’ll point you in the right direction as you start to build those line-ups from all the available playing formations.

Selecting Defenders

Learn why offensive actions can be just as important as defensive duties for those men at the back.

Selecting Forwards

It’s not all about goals so make sure you discover what else forwards have to offer for the fantasy football manager.

Selecting Goalkeepers

Never underestimate the importance of the man between the sticks who can make or break your fantasy team.

Selecting Midfielders

We’ll focus on the engine room. highlighting the positives and negatives associated with different midfield profiles.

Building Blocks

Master these fundamentals to optimise your chances of being successful every time you submit a line-up.