Singing from the same song sheet

How selecting blocks can help your fantasy teams score big

The 1st legs of the 2015/16 UEFA Champions League quarter-finals take place this coming week and the bookmakers have certainly nailed their colours to the mast. They have identified clear favourites in all four games with Bayern Munich, the strongest by some considerable distance.

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Most fantasy football operators will have contests that cover the four games so expect to see many managers adopting a stacking policy, whereby they look to group together players from the same side, in the hope that they link up well in either an offensive or defensive capacity.

The big question will no doubt revolve around your available budget and whether it is feasible to instigate such a policy, bearing in mind the financial constraints that it will likely entail. Selecting a number of Barcelona defenders, for example, in the hope that they can secure that priceless clean sheet, against a side that tend to be involved in low-scoring encounters, can pay-off. However, the likes of Gerard Piqué , who was on the score-sheet at the weekend in the loss to arch-rivals Real Madrid and WhoScored’s highest rated player at 8.2, Dani Alves and Jordi Alba will more than likely be among the higher priced defenders.

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You want Mr Shakira to be singing from the same song sheet as his fellow defenders. If they are on the same wavelength, working together as a unit, their performances can benefit each other.

We’ve previewed all four of the ties already, so make sure you reference those, if you are looking for more clues, as to who to include in your fantasy sides this week.

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