It promises to be a Grand Finale

FantasyBet’s Grand Finale among the end of season highlights

The twists and turns just keep on happening as the most unpredictable season in the history of the English Premier League keeps on rolling. If you would have said, at the start of the season, that neither Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal or even Liverpool would be challenging for the title in the middle of April, you may well have been certified as insane. Well, that is how it has panned out and it promises to go right to the wire, with Spurs very much on the Fox hunt. Relegation issues are far from settled either, with Sunderland, Newcastle United and Norwich City still fighting for that coveted 17th place, that would ensure their Premier League status for another season. Throw in the battle for the fourth Champions League spot and it is fair to say that football fans up and down the country will not want to miss any of the final day action.

Fantasy Football Portal - FantasyBet Grand Finale Fixtures

Fantasy football operators have recognised what a terrific end of season it promises to be, so they have already been busy setting up contests to cover the scheduled games. Many will offer tournaments, with the highest prize money ever offered at that site for a fantasy football contest so we suggest that you don’t miss out by trying to book your seat as early as possible.

FantasyBet, who have a £5K prize pool on offer in their Grand Finale contest, have a number of qualifying events available that will enable you to earn (win) a ticket to the season’s climax. One of these covers the three games played tonight and tomorrow’s Arsenal vs West Bromwich Albion encounter. The buy-in has been set at £3.30 (including rake) and the highest scoring entrant will win that seat to the Grand Finale.

We highlighted the risk of rotation in a previous article so make sure you check all the  confirmed line-ups for tonight’s matches, editing your selections prior to the cut-off time, if needed.

FantasyBet’s scoring follows a very similar format to the official Fantasy Premier League game, so any newcomers who are familiar with that concept shouldn’t have any problems submitting their line-ups. West Ham United and Arsenal look the two teams to focus on so we’ve stacked our line-up with three players from both sides. Midfielders also earn an extra point over forwards for each goal scored so we’ve opted for five across the middle.

Fantasy Football Portal - FantasyBet Grand Finale

Remember that your captain will earn double points so think long and carefully about who you give your arm-band to.

Unfortunately you won’t have that luxury if you decide to compete in one of their ‘Flash’ games that we reviewed in Every Second Counts.

Give it a go and  you just might find yourself celebrating with Leicester City or Tottenham Hotspur fans on the final day of the season!

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