Every Second Counts

One of the great things about daily fantasy football is the variety of contests that managers get to choose from. Different tournaments are scheduled to cover, not only a plethora of kick-off times, thus enabling managers to fit them into their busy social calendars but also a wide range of leagues.

However, it doesn’t stop there – there are buy-in levels available that cater for the needs of all player types as well as innovative concepts that add extra spice to a contest. One such example is the ‘Flash’ games that are available at FantasyBet. We first looked at these unique games in The 3 Minute Challenge  and it’s great to see that the operator hasn’t rested on its laurels – they have been busy adding more leagues to their impressive portfolio, with bigger prize pools also an emerging trend.

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These ‘Flash’ games are a race against the clock and managers will only have 3 minutes to submit their line-ups. You are assigned a random list of players to select from so it’s imperative that you have a few strategies in mind. Focusing on the upcoming games and those all-important goal projections that we include in our expert section is a great place to start. Try to formulate a list of players that you would like to include in your team and have back-up players in mind so that you can draft them in if needed. You can even use other contests within the lobby to familiarize yourself with the salaries for the slate of games in question before embarking on those pressure-packed 3 minutes! Make sure you are bang up-to-date with all the latest injury and suspension information and remember that official line-ups are announced 1 hour in advance. This 60 minute window is therefore the perfect time to submit your selections, since you will have access to confirmed starters for any games that kick-off in conjunction with the contest’s start time.

FantasyBet offer an extensive number of freerolls, including a regular £50 ‘Flash’ contest for each round of Premier League fixtures. Participating in free to enter contests is the perfect way to try out a new game and customers are also entitled to a 200% deposit bonus up to £400 as well.

Here’s our Gameweek 32 ‘Flash’ Game line-up … but be warned, beating the clock isn’t easy!

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