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Introducing Bet4theBest – No Salary Cap Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Portal - Bet4theBest LogoBet4theBest have come up with an innovative approach that will ensure they stand out from all of  their competitors. Fantasy football betting contests on Bet4theBest are available without any budget constraints that are common with many other fantasy football sites. There are no salary cap restrictions to worry about when selecting your line-up.

This has two major advantages. Firstly, it makes it quicker for line-ups to be submitted since there is no need to juggle with complex mathematical issues offsetting bargain selections against more expensive purchases. You can simply do your research, decide which players you would like to include, then complete your selections and enter the contest of your choice.

Fantasy Football Portal - MSN - FC Barcelona

Secondly, it means that you have far greater flexibility about the type of players you can include. If you are playing in a La Liga contest for instance, you would have the option of including the fabled ‘MSN’ or even a combination of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. You would not have this luxury with  most other game formats due to the the strict salary structures that are in place, but if you did, it’s highly likely that your remaining players would be extreme low-budget options.

By being able to include these high profile stars it enhances the enjoyment level, as every kick and turn they make, can contribute to your overall results. If the games are staggered over the weekend you will be able to select key players from each fixture to give you additional interest as well.

Bet4the Best offer an impressive selection of leagues that include the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga, Champions League and Europa League. They also have big plans for Euro 2016 so keep an eye out for that!

In addition to their regular fantasy football tournaments Bet4theBest also have an ‘Instant Bets’ feature whereby you can take part in Fantasy Coupon challenges and Fantasy Derbies, or bet on the Gameweek’s Most Valuable Player – the one you think will score the most fantasy points. All these extra features mean that Bet4theBest provide one of the best fantasy football betting packages available today.

In ‘Instant Bets’, the game is about the amount of fantasy points each club accumulates in the Gameweek fixtures and the point is that it’s ‘Instant’ Fantasy Football. Just pick a club or a player and let them stack up the points for you. You also have the option of competing one-on-one by challenging friends and other users to Tournament, Fantasy Coupon & Fantasy MVP contests.

Here at Fantasy Football Portal we will provide you with a series of articles that focus on strategy, looking at the team selection process for Bet4theBest’s no salary cap fantasy football in fine detail, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the various playing formations as well. This should complement the comprehensive frequently asked questions section that is available on the Bet4theBest website.

We will offer advice on Bet4theBest’s unique betting events as well as providing team of the week and daily games recommendations for their regular fantasy football contests. With Euro 2016 fast approaching, we’ll highlight what is on the table at Bet4theBest, for fantasy football managers to get their teeth into!

It promises to be a fantastic summer, don’t worry if you’re new to Bet4heBest, we’re here to guide you every step of the way!

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