How to play Bet4theBest

Bet4theBest Playing Guide

Kindly note that Bet4theBest have taken their website down for reconstruction and are not currently offering fantasy football contests. We will update this page when more information is released.


Describing itself as the “ultimate fantasy football betting site”, there is no doubt that Bet4theBest is a lot more intriguing than some of the other daily fantasy football games out there.

Competitions such as the Barclays Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, the Europa League and the Champions League are all available to play at Bet4theBest, which hails its fun, social format as making it stand out from the crowd.

Users can elect to join a wide range of contests: Tournaments, Fantasy Coupon, Fantasy Most Valuable Player (Fantasy MVP) events and one-on-one Challenge games on Bet4theBest.

One of the things that marks Bet4theBest out from the rest of the daily fantasy football games is that there is no budget restriction, although you can only pick four players from one club.

Competition lobby

After you have signed up for at Bet4theBest you will be led through how the site works, with information about the different types of fantasy football games you can play, then shown the Bet4theBest dashboard.

Since the structure is a little different than that seen with most other daily fantasy sports sites, the equivalent of their competition lobby is actually the ‘Tournaments’ list & ‘Instant Bets’ contest list. The Dashboard is more like a user’s “HQ” of sorts, containing information about a player’s participation, access to the blog and includes current and previous Gameweek stats.

To find the standard games, click Tournaments on the top menu, while you can also bet on the performance of teams against their match opponents in fantasy football points, in what Bet4theBest terms ‘Instant Bets’.

Private tournaments and one-to-one fantasy games are also available at Bet4theBest, which are perfect if you want to take on a mate in daily fantasy football to show off your knowledge.

Bet4theBest’s unique feature is its  ‘Instant Bets’ offering, where contestants bet on the fantasy performance of real life teams. Users can bet on the Gameweek fixtures’ Fantasy Coupon or on Fantasy Derbies set up by Bet4theBest, between the League’s fiercest rivals.

So, for example, if Liverpool are playing Swansea and Everton are playing Stoke, whichever of the two Merseyside clubs scores the most fantasy points is the winner of the Fantasy Derby.

You can also bet on which individual player will score the most fantasy points in a Bet4theBest game that is called ‘Fantasy MVP’. In these contests your goal is to select the ‘Most Valuable Player’ – the one that records the highest score based on Bet4theBest’s unique scoring criteria.

One-on-One Challenges are available for both Tournaments and Instant Bet contests.

Team selection

While there is a huge variety of different fantasy-related games available to play at Bet4theBest, there are also standard daily fantasy football leagues you can join.

You get a lot more flexibility about your team selection on Bet4theBest compared to a lot of the other daily fantasy football games that are on the market.

A Bet4theBest fantasy team consisting of 11 players must contain a goalkeeper, 3-6 defenders, 2-6 midfielders and 1-3 forwards.

While a maximum of four players from the same team can be selected, this means you can play a 3-6-1 formation if you want, or even a 6-3-1. The choice is completely up to you.

Once you have got 11 players in your team, in whatever formation you have decided to select, you can pick a captain for your side, who will score double points for you in your chosen contest.

Add a vice-captain and give your team a name and you are then ready to enter a tournament. Save your team and you can easily enter it into all of the available Bet4theBest Tournaments. You can enter each tournament as many times as you like, with one or more fantasy teams.

Rules and scoring

As with many daily fantasy football games, Opta statistics are received live by Bet4theBest so that you can see exactly how many points your team has scored during the contests you have entered.

Players score points for goals, assists and clean sheets – just as in a lot of other daily fantasy games, but there are also rewards for winning corners, saving shots and winning fouls.

Your chosen players can lose points for your team too, don’t forget, for example by committing fouls, getting booked or sent off, or for scoring an own goal.

In the event of a tie between teams in a tournament, the winner will be the player who scored the most points from goals scored in that particular GameWeek.

The scoring seems very well-balanced, enabling managers to carefully consider players from all the different starting positions without salary constraints hindering the selection process as can be the case at other sites, making team building straight-forward and not time demanding.