What is the FPL Cup?

The FPL CUP is a competition that runs in conjunction with the Official Fantasy Premier League game.

It begins in Gameweek 17 and there are 22 rounds. Each qualifying fantasy football manager is pitted against a rival FPL manager in a direct head to head contest, with the winner progressing to the next round. Just two managers will remain in Week 38 and they will contest the FPL Cup final.

If more than 4,194,304 players qualify, due to scores being tied, a random draw will take place amongst those players with the lowest scores to determine who qualifies.

When does the 2017/18 FPL Cup start?

The key date for qualifying for the 2017/18 FPL Cup is the 9th December (Gameweek 16) and the top 4,194,304  scorers in that week will go into a random draw to determine the 1st round ties that will be contested the following week, beginning on 12th December 2017 (Gameweek 17).

There will be no extra-time or penalty shootouts but tie-breakers will be used to ensure one player progresses from each tie played in each cup round. Most goals scored will take precedence, followed by fewest goals conceded, then if the two teams can still not be separated a virtual coin toss will be used to decide which manager progresses.

The FPL Cup adds plenty of extra spice to the Fantasy Premier League season and provides extra motivation, especially for those managers that are not faring too well in the overall FPL standings.

Keep an eye out for Gameweek 16 and make sure you do everything in your power to make sure you qualify by paying heed to much of the FPL advice available – you never know – you might just manage to finish the season as the FPL Cup winner!