Kings of Cricket

Kings of Cricket

Kings of Cricket is a Free to Play (FTP) prediction game offering a weekly prize of R 10,000 to anyone who correctly predicts the correct score of six pre-selected T20 or One-Day International Cricket matches.

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Simply signup and predict the correct score of each match by selecting the method of victory Wickets/Runs and then using the slider to select the value. Before submitting, enter the highest number of boundaries (4’s & 6’s) you think will be scored (in any game) as your tiebreaker answer (this will be used in the event of a tie).

You are limited to one entry but you may change your predictions anytime up to 30 mins before the first match starts.

Results and Leaderboard

Once all the matches are complete, the results will be uploaded and you can check the leaderboard to see how you did. Standings are calculated as per the updated game rules which use the highest total amount of boundaries scored in any of the six games as ranking criteria.

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