Fixture Difficulty

Fixture Difficulty Rank

Fixture Difficulty Rank or FDR is a term used on the Official Fantasy Premier League game. Each player is colour-coded for an upcoming gameweek so that you have an indication of how difficult their fixture is perceived to be.

A green rating (1) would indicate an easy fixture whereas a red rating (5) would suggest a very difficult fixture. An algorithm calculates data for each team (the player(s) upcoming opponent) based on their performance over the previous 6 matches (home and away game), factoring in a whole host of statistics in the process.

Game difficulty for daily fantasy football contests

Gauging how difficult fixtures are is equally important in daily fantasy football contests. A great way to do this is to use the match betting odds provided by the bookmakers and translate this information into expected team goals.

By doing it this way, it is easy to assess ‘clean sheet’ chances for goalkeepers and defenders, while also pinpointing the team(s) that are likely to score the most goals in each game round. Fantasy Football Portal produce goal projections for each round of English Premier League fixtures and this is a great starting point as you you begin the team selection process.

By targeting players with favourable fixtures, you should be able to gain an edge on rival managers, so it is in your interest to make the best possible use of all available resources.