Bonus Points

What are fantasy football bonus points?

In some game formats, fantasy football bonus points are additional points that are generally allocated to the three best performing players in each match. They are based on scoring metrics that factor in a number of skill elements, so that each player group (regardless of playing position) has a chance of acquiring points.

How are FPL bonus points calculated?

The Official Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game has its own Bonus Points System (BPS) which is based on OPTA stats. The best 3 performing players will typically receive additional bonus points, on top of any points they accrued based on normal scoring, with 3 points going to the player with the most bonus points, 2pts to the player with the second highest amount of bonus points and 1pt to the third highest scorer. There are also some provisions in place that cover ties.

FPL bonus points are calculated as follows:

Action BPS Action BPS
Forwards scoring a goal 24 Making an error which leads to an attempt at goal -1
Midfielders scoring a goal 18 Being tackled -1
Saving a penalty 15 Conceding a foul -1
Goalkeepers and defenders scoring a goal 12 Being caught offside -1
Goalkeepers and defenders keeping a clean sheet 12 Shot off target -1
Assists 9 Conceding a penalty -3
Playing over 60 minutes 6 Yellow card -3
90%+ pass completion (at least 30 passes attempted) 6 Missing a big chance -3
80 to 89% pass completion (at least 30 passes attempted) 4 Making an error which leads to a goal -3
Playing 1 to 60 minutes 3 Missing a penalty -6
Creating a big chance (a chance where the receiving player should score) 3 Own goal -6
Scoring the goal that wins a match 3 Red card -9
Save 2
Successful tackle (net*) 2
70 to 79% pass completion (at least 30 passes attempted) 2
Successful open play cross 1
For every 2 clearances, blocks and interceptions (total) 1
For every 3 recoveries 1
Key pass 1
Successful dribble 1

It’s worth noting that players are not penalised with negative bonus points if their number of unsuccessful tackles is greater than their successful tackles.

How are daily fantasy football bonus points calculated?

Not all daily fantasy football games incorporate bonus points into their fantasy scoring systems but for those that do, they tend to follow a similar format to FPL bonus points.

Each site has its own unique scoring system based on performance data provided by the operators’ choice of statistics provider. Points are generally allocated to the best three performing players based on a predetermined criteria. Simply check the rules section of your chosen game for full details on the scoring system in place and see if any bonus point calculations may apply.

Bonus points are generally added after the final whistle of matches, once all player data has been confirmed.

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