Fantasy Rankings & Leaderboard Recognition

Milking the glory has always been an integral part of traditional fantasy football when friends and work colleagues pit their wits against each other in an attempt to secure those elusive bragging rights.

Topping the fantasy rankings in whatever format you opt to play is an achievement you should be proud of, but if there are monetary gains on offer as well, then this moment of victory is likely to taste even sweeter!

FanTeam have come up with an exciting new promo that challenges players to better the highest score recorded on their site – an amazing 129 points, which was posted by a player with the nickname ‘yourname’.

Fantasy Football Portal - FanTeam - yourname

They now intend to reward any player who breaks this high score with a bonus of €1,000 and you can enter by participating in a contest with a buy-in as small as 1 euro!

The terms and conditions of the promotion are as follows:

* The Highscore promo on FanTeam is only valid for football tournaments created by FanTeam that has a real money buy-in of €1 or more.
* The score to beat is 129 points, and the first player that will be able to beat it will receive a €1,000 prize.
* If more than one player breaks the record, the player with the highest score wins the prize. If there is a tie between two or more player, the prize will be split equally.
* If there are multiple record breakings the same day, the tournament that has a record-breaker that started first will win the prize.
* You can beat the highscore in any league and claim the prize.
* The promo starts on 11.02.16 and is valid until someone breaks the record.
* The competition has no extra cost except the tournament buy-in
* The winning player must have made at least one real money deposit to FanTeam.

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