Who wants to be a millionaire ?

Can You Pick The Perfect Fantasy Football Team?

Fantasy football sites are offering higher prize money totals than ever before, with Mondogoal putting up £1 million for anyone who can select the perfect fantasy football team.

It’s not going to be easy, but with Mondogoal offering free entry this is a fantasy football offer that everyone should take up – you’ve got to be in it to win it!


So what is the perfect fantasy football team? The idea is a simple one. If you can pick the best possible XI, the highest points scorers on a gameweek, you will get the £1 million – for free!

Obviously the odds are against you but a chance to win £1 million in a free daily fantasy football game does not come along very often. Can you afford to turn it down?

The Perfect Million is one of the best fantasy football offers out there right now – but the prize is only available in the UK, Canada and certain areas of the United States, so check the small print.

Picking the perfect fantasy football team

First of all, anyone succeeding in the Perfect Million is going to need a very healthy slice of luck.

But there are a few things fantasy players can do to maximise their chance of winning one of the biggest cash prizes in fantasy football.

You’re going to need to take plenty of risks to win the £1 million. If your chosen XI is a team that many others are going to have selected, you are effectively eliminating yourself from the contest.

So the first thing you need to do is try to pick a unique team that nobody else will have named.

Players to look out for in the Perfect Million

Looking at the previous perfect teams can give you some more details about how unfancied players can surprise everyone to score big points.

For instance, the perfect team for GW25 included Kieran Trippier, Aleksandar Mitrović and Joleon Lescott – three players very few fantasy football teams would have included.

It can therefore pay off to think away from the big name stars to those underrated players who often fly under the radar when it comes to daily fantasy football games.

The Perfect Million is available most gameweeks on Mondogoal – what have you got to lose?

Here’s our provisional line-up for Gameweek 32.

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