Whale Watching takes on a whole new meaning

Are we witnessing the birth of a DFS SharkScope in Europe?

If you’re a regular visitor to Fantasy Football Portal you might recall that we published an article called Don’t swim with the Sharks in which we suggested that it was only a matter of time before somebody set up a similar service to that which SharkScope provide for online poker players.

In case you are not familiar with it, SharkScope is a tracking site for online poker and includes historical results from sit-n-go (single-table) and MTT (multi-table) tournaments. It allows players to gauge the ability of potential adversaries and is a tool many players reference in their attempts to distinguish between the sharks and the big fish.

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Since DFS contests have a number of synergies with poker in terms of tournament structures it was inevitable that some form of player tracking software would surface in the daily fantasy space sooner or later.  This now appears to have happened with the emergence of www.DFStats.net who have launched their own tracking site and it will be interesting to follow their progress. The site provides some invaluable information with a range of statistics that include username, average buy-in size, winnings, return on investment and the percentage of times the player in question has finished in the money. It also has historical data that lists exact finishing positions in selected tournaments and filters are available to sort by sport, type of contest, buy-in size and the number of entries. Results from games played at both FanTeam and Fanaments are currently available and it’s certainly an interesting concept for fantasy football managers in Europe to consider.

From a strategy point of view this type of player tracking software can, not only help you find ‘softer’ games, but also enhance the learning process. You can identify the stronger opponents at the onset of a contest and then benchmark, by comparing their selections with your own, once line-ups are revealed, to see what improvements you can make moving forward. Try to work out the thought process behind their selections and remember to reference all the fundamentals to success that we highlight in our Advanced Section to see how these tie in.

We’ve said it before so we’ll say it again – don’t swim with the sharks!

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