The MSN Accommodation Problem

They are arguably the greatest triumvirate the beautiful game has ever seen and are virtually unplayable when in full flow. However, greatness comes with a price, making it almost impossible for fantasy football managers to accommodate all three in their line-ups due to their inflated salaries and the budget constraints that are in place.

So how should a fantasy football manager choose between the trio?

Fantasy Football Portal - MSN

It’s not an easy question to answer, with all three possessing such impressive statistics as can be seen in the infographic above. It will boil down to individual taste but you could focus on their potential head to head battles for the fixture in question in an attempt to isolate any known weaknesses that their opponents might have.

Neymar and Lionel Messi are more involved in general build-up play, with their short corner routine not only becoming something of a standing dish, but also increasing their pass success rate, while Luis Suárez is deadly in the final third.

The trio do have frailties that are exposed from time to time though – they have missed an astonishing 10 penalties between them this season – with a successful conversion rate of just 50%. However, Messi didn’t make any mistake from the spot in the 1st leg of their Champions League tie with Arsenal at the Emirates when it mattered.

After a shock FA Cup defeat to Watford, Arsenal’s season has really started to unravel. They now find themselves 11 points adrift of league-leaders Leicester City and have  a 2-goal deficit to overcome when they travel to Barcelona for the return leg. Die-hard Gunners fans will cling to any glimmer of hope but the prospect of facing the imperious MSN can surely only result in one outcome – more pain and agony!

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