How to play Oulala

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The Oulala landing page presents visitors with a 60 second video introduction and site navigation is very straight-forward with sections clearly labelled – How it works, Leagues, Blog, Forum and Help.

The ‘How it works’ section gives you a brief overview of the product and once you are ready to go click through the ‘Play Now’ button to create your account which will just take a few seconds, filling in the form as directed.

The Blog section contains some fun-packed videos and eye-catching infographics while the Forum allows you to engage with other users. There’s also a well-structured Help section with answers to   common Frequently Asked Questions and a Live Chat facility available at the bottom right of the screen.

Oulala use ‘Leagues’ to identify their competition lobby as this represents the main tournament dashboard.

Competition Lobby

When you click ‘Leagues’ you will be greeted by a text box tutorial which highlights some of the key game features you need to familiarise yourself with. You can search directly for a league name or filter by contest type (league or head to head), select to show contests that only feature games from one of the 4 available domestic leagues and by using the a slider to adjust for buy-in size.

Fantasy Football Portal - Oulala Lobby

You can create your own contest by clicking on the ‘Create New League’ tab and following the set-up instructions or browse any of the available contests by clicking on the League Name. When you create your own contests you have the option of making them public or private (invite only). You will decide on which fixtures to include, the buy-in size (€1 to €200) with the option to make it a free to enter league or head to head contest also available and choose how the prize pool will be distributed (winner takes all, select percentages applicable to each of the placings or stipulate that 1/3rd of the field will receive prizes). The sum of buy-in paid by all entrants in a contest will be distributed to the winners accordingly (minus a commission of 10%, referred to as rake).

Information relating to each contest can be accessed by clicking on the league name where you will see the number of current entrants, the cap on the field size, the entry fee, the prize pool and the start time for the contest. The fixtures included in the contest will be displayed and there are additional tabs available that list the user names and team names of participants who have entered and how the prize money will be allocated.

Simply click on ‘Join League’ to enter a contest.

Team Selection

You will be given a budget of 100 million Euros and can choose up to 17 players but must have a minimum of 11. You can choose from one of the seven available playing formations and edit your team-name.

Fantasy Football Portal - Oulala Team Selection

To purchase a player, simply drag him into his position on the pitch and your budget will decrease according to the player’s price. Players can be filtered by league, team and starting position in addition to a salary with a slider that allows you to view players within a specific range. When you click on a player you can see his recent stats and game history as well as his upcoming fixtures. Once you have selected your 11 starting players and any additional substitutes your entry will be eligible and you will be informed that you can submit it by confirming it.

The following video demo provides information about the Oulala competition lobby and team selection process.

Rules and Scoring

All results will be determined by the total number of points accumulated by each entrant’s roster. You are allowed to make up to 3 substitutions from a maximum of 6 substitute players and you can adjust formation as long as you follow the team selection guidelines.

Once a contest gets under way you will be able to manage your team by making in-play changes by using any substitutes you have selected. Simply drag the substitute to a position on the field to replace a player. Playing formations can be edited as well if needed to accommodate the change as long as you stay within the allowed formations.

You can view each player’s timeline by scrolling down and it is also possible to click through to the ‘Live Score’ centre from this page, to follow all the action from all the matches. All fixtures are displayed and you can click on any game to expand it to monitor the ‘points’ progress of each participating player.

The full Oulala Scoring System is shown here:

Fantasy Football Portal - Oulala Scoring_1

Fantasy Football Portal - Oulala Scoring_2

Fantasy Football Portal - Oulala Scoring_3

Fantasy Football Portal - Oulala Scoring_4

Fantasy Football Portal - Oulala Scoring_5

Fantasy Football Portal - Oulala Scoring_6

Fantasy Football Portal - Oulala Scoring_7