A train in fantasy football means using the same line-up multiple times across a number of different contests in a bid to win several competitions with the same side.

This is evidently a high-risk strategy, but if you have a daily fantasy football lineup that you think is going to do particularly well, it can be very beneficial to have it entered in a number of contests.

Some daily fantasy football players will gamble even more by entering the same line-up several times in the same contest, which is often referred to as running a train.

While this may seem like an unusual ploy for daily fantasy football success, seriously big payouts can be unlocked by using this strategy. Instead of just taking the top cash prize for a successful line-up, a player would be able to lock out the first few places on the leaderboard, winning even more money for their fantastic foresight and team selection skills.

Running a train is definitely not a daily fantasy football strategy for beginners as it can require a large bankroll to pull off successfully, so perhaps save this plan for when you have a bit more experience of playing daily fantasy football.

However, for expert daily fantasy football players a train is another very useful tool in the armoury that can ensure big rewards are made from your initial investment into a starting bankroll.

One tip for players who want to use the train system in their daily fantasy football contests is to try and select a unique team that few other players are going to have selected.

After all, there is little point in having the top five places in a tournament’s leaderboard if those cash prizes are going to be shared with a player who named the same starting line-up as you in their own daily fantasy football entry.