A triple-up is a common type of multiplier daily fantasy football contest that is available to play.

The triple-up game works in much the same way as a 50-50 or double-up tournament, but instead players can win triple their entry fee if they finish in the top third of the entrants.

So, for example, if you were to enter a triple-up contest with a $10 entry fee that 300 people had joined, you would need to finish in the top 100 entrants to receive $30 in winnings.

Triple-up contests are a fantastic way to build your bankroll, especially if you are brand new to daily fantasy football and unsure of how to get started.

One of the best benefits of this type of tournament is that you do not have to get your team to score an amazing number of points to get paid.

Instead, as you are only aiming to finish in the top third of participants, you can play a lot safer with your picks. Projections can be very useful when working out which players to name in your side, especially if you can estimate roughly how many points you are going to need to get paid.

Team selection for triple-up contests is hugely different to the plan you will need for entering other types of tournament. You can certainly afford to make picks that the majority of players will make when naming a triple-up team – in fact, if you fade the most obvious selections this might count against you if a lot of other players have them and those stars score highly during the contest.

Safe selections who are likely to score a steady number of points can often be the best way to succeed in triple-up tournaments, but as ever it is best to develop a strategy that works for you.