Tilt is another term that has crossed over into the world of fantasy football from the sport of poker.

In poker, tilt means feeling frustrated or confused at the table, leading to poor play and bad losses.

Tilt can happen in poker after you suffer a bad beat, or if you fold only to find your opponent was bluffing all along.

Players who are on tilt often start playing increasingly aggressively in order to get back in the game, a strategy that rarely ends up with winnings and can often lead to the poor house.

In fantasy football, tilt means essentially the same thing – that a player starts to chase their losses after being either unfortunate or making some bad decisions that led to a string of defeats.

Avoiding tilt is not easy and the best way to do so is to notice to signs that you may be starting to suffer from it. This can be taking risks with your daily fantasy football teams that you would usually shy away from making, or entering such a large number of tournaments that your bankroll is heavily affected and your line-ups are not getting all the attention and focus they need to succeed.

Sticking to your plan is vital if you want to make sure tilt does not affect your fantasy football career. Continue with your regular daily fantasy football plan and trust that it will reap rewards, even if you are going through a sticky spell. A winning strategy will come good again eventually.

Tilt is very dangerous in daily fantasy football so try to keep aware of your mental state when selecting your teams and if you ever feel that the game is getting away from you, sometimes it is best to take a bit of time out.