What is a Fantasy Football Sleeper ?

Sleeper is a term that is mostly used in connection with the NFL draft and relates to a footballer who is expected to be a breakout star for the coming season.

Daily fantasy football players are increasingly using the term sleeper as a way to describe an underrated star who many other players are going to leave out of their sides.

The etymology of the term sleeper is a simple one – it refers to how other daily fantasy football players are going to miss out on a great pick as they are asleep to their qualities.

Pinpointing sleepers is a key way to achieve success in daily fantasy football as they will provide your team with the variance you need to get above the vast majority of other players.

While it is a risk selecting a few sleepers in your side – it is not quite a contrarian strategy but not that far off – it is a gamble that can pay off hugely if your sleepers go on to post big point scores.

If you are entering a tournament with a huge number of entrants then a well-chosen sleeper or two is going to be a must to get you up the leaderboard.

There is an old saying in fantasy football circles that it is not always your star picks you get you the contest wins and big cash prizes. Instead it is often the mid-ranking underrated players who can unexpectedly rack up big scores who propel you up the rankings.

Sleepers are usually very affordable picks too, so if you have an eye on a star player or two then selecting some sleepers can help you to balance the books and stay within your budget.