No Salary Cap

No Salary Cap Fantasy Football

A salary cap has typically been a central factor of team selection in daily fantasy football games.

However, many sites are increasingly offering players the chance to play games with no salary cap, meaning they do not have to worry about balancing expensive players with bargain picks.

Bet4theBest, and are three of the main sites currently offering no salary cap daily fantasy sports games, but do not be surprised if a lot of other operators start to follow suit soon.

No salary cap fantasy football contests can be more appealing to a casual user as there is less need to study the player list for hidden gems. A no salary cap team of well-known players can quickly be assembled by someone who is completely new to daily fantasy sports.

Even if you can select half a dozen chalk players in your team due to there being no budget to manage, the chances are slim that they will all score big points in the same gameweek. It is therefore still vital to find those less-popular players who will give your side variance over rivals. A contrarian strategy can be a great way to have a lot of success in a no salary cap fantasy game.

No salary cap fantasy football can be a great gateway into daily fantasy sports for players who do not have the time or desire to spend a lot of time researching player lists for undervalued picks.

Newcomers to fantasy football contests with no salary cap may think a lot of players would end up selecting the same team, but this is not true at all. Strategy is still crucial to success in these games, but winning requires a different way of thinking to regular types of fantasy football game.