A stud is a genuine fantasy football superstar who is virtually a must-pick player for his position.

While the term can often be overused in the world of daily fantasy sports, there is no doubt that stud status can be fairly bestowed on a handful of players from the top leagues in Europe.

Manchester City striker Sergio Agüero would be a fine example of a stud player in a Premier League daily fantasy football game, while for a La Liga contest, players such as Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona trio Lionel Messi, Neymar Luis Suárez are studs too.

A stud tends to be an attacker for obvious reasons, as these are the players who tend to rack up the largest points totals in daily fantasy football games.

But a stud player can sometimes be a defender or a goalkeeper as well. For example, Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea could definitely be classed as a stud pick, due to his consistently high level of performance, as well as the regular clean sheets he collects for his side.

To be a legitimate stud in fantasy football terms, a player must have performed to a high level for a series of seasons, rather than just racking up big scores for a few months, a spell that could easily prove to be anomalous over a longer period of time.

One or two studs should always be in your thinking when drafting a daily fantasy football team, but keep in mind that these players are going to be extremely popular selections with other users too.

The stud should be the highest scoring player for his position in a particular league. So, for example, the top stud in a Ligue 1 daily fantasy football game is without a doubt the Paris Saint-Germain striker Zlatan Ibrahimović.