Injury Report

The injury report is of paramount importance in daily fantasy football games.

Selecting a player who is not fit to take the field will be a hugely damaging blow to your chances of winning cash prizes from daily fantasy football contests, so spending a little bit of time checking out the injury report before you finalise your team can be well worth the research.

Lots of fantasy football sites publish their own injury reports on a weekly basis, but there is a wealth of information on the internet.

Sites such as Transfermarkt and WhoScored both carry injury information for teams, so check them out before you hit submit on the team selection screen.

Fantasy football games will also often include injury information on their player list so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to pick a footballer.

On many daily fantasy football games there will be a red icon next to the name of a player who is expected to miss the next game through injury – or suspension – while a yellow marker is a sign that the footballer is rated as a doubt and may not be fit to play.

A common fantasy football strategy is to avoid selecting players who tend to get injured more often than the average. This is because you want all your fantasy football team to be out on the pitch for 90 minutes, if possible, to maximise their chances of scoring points for your team.

It is recommended to save naming your final team as late as possible when playing daily fantasy football, but if you cannot wait until clubs have announced their starting line-ups then the injury report is a priceless resource you need to make use of.