What are Head-to Head Daily Fantasy Football contests?

Head-to-head contests are among the most popular types of tournaments in daily fantasy football.

Like in heads-up poker play, a head-to-head game sees a fantasy player take on just one other user in a double or nothing match-up.

These contests can be a particularly good way to learn fantasy football strategies, as well as giving users the chance to test out a new formula to see how successful it is in action.

Perhaps the main benefit of head-to-head fantasy football contests is it gives people the chance to take on their friends for bragging rights and cash prizes.

Head-to-head contests can be set up on most of the top daily fantasy football sites and users can design their tournaments to be either private or public.

A lot of fantasy football grinders make the majority of their money from playing 50/50 games and head-to-head contests as these offer the best percentage chance of being a winner. The term cash games is often used to describe both 50/50 contests and head-to-head games too.

For those who are new to daily fantasy football games, head-to-head competitions can be a good place to start, but it is important to try to avoid grinders. You can do this by checking out their game record or searching for their username on Google to see if they are an experienced player.

A typical head-to-head strategy is usually to make safe selections to get a predictable points total rather than making risky picks in a bid to score a huge number of points. After all, you do not need to beat hundreds of other players, you only have to outscore the other user in the contest.

Setting a goal for a points total can also be a good advanced strategy to keep in mind when joining head-to-head contests on daily fantasy football websites.