What is a Daily Fantasy Football freeroll contest?

Freeroll contests are a great place to start for anyone who is new to daily fantasy football games.

Put simply, a freeroll event is one that you do not have to pay any entry fee to be able to join.

Most daily fantasy football sites will have a wide range of freeroll events you can play and it is recommended to spend some time in these as it will give you an idea of how to play the game.

Freeroll contests can also be a great place to go if you are working on a new daily fantasy football strategy and do not want to try it out in a real money contest, where it could easily crash and burn.

However, the cash prizes that are up for grabs in freeroll tournaments on daily fantasy football sites are typically a lot smaller than the prize pots that can be won in real money contests – understandably, as players are not contributing a penny to the money that is available to win.

Sometimes a daily fantasy football site will put up a big cash prize for a freeroll event in a bid to get people to sign up to play, but these contests are usually extremely difficult to win due to the high number of people who will be entering.

Freeroll games can be a good place to test our contrarian picks with no risk of losing money and they should certainly be used for experimentation – after all, you have nothing to lose in these.

Some daily fantasy football sites restrict the freeroll games they have available to play to users who have made a deposit in the last month, or who have entered a certain number of cash games in a certain period, in order to reward their loyal regular players.