Grinders are among the most experienced daily fantasy football players and many of them make a full-time living from playing countless games every day across a number of different fantasy sites.

High-stakes games are usually ignored by fantasy football grinders due to the level of risk involved in these contests. Instead, grinders typically prefer to enter a lot of low-stakes games where their chances of winning are higher – for example 50/50 or double-up tournaments.

Some fantasy football players will ignore freeroll contests due to the low cash prizes that are up for grabs to the winner – but not the grinder. To a fantasy football grinder, a freeroll event is a no-risk opportunity to win money and is therefore always worth entering a team into.

Research is key for grinders. Essentially, the more time you are prepared to spend on researching fantasy football line-ups, the more money you are likely to win when you start entering contests. By carrying out a lot of research, grinders will come up with a formula that they will use across all the different fantasy football sites they have joined.

Sticking to the formula is vital for grinders, who will go through periods of losses just like any other fantasy football player. But if a formula is a good one it will eventually start to produce wins again, so trusting the formula is an important step to take for any would-be fantasy football grinder.

Of course, different types of fantasy football contests require different strategies and formulas. A 50/50 game will require a different type of line-up than a large field contest with a huge top prize.

The ultimate aim of a grinder is not to land a huge cash win – although that would be welcome – it is to turn a reliable, regular profit allowing them to devote themselves to fantasy football full-time.