Bankroll is one of the most important terms in fantasy football – this means how much money you have available to play on daily fantasy football games at any one time.

So if you have £40 in your FanDuel account, £100 in your Oulala account, £25 available to play with on DraftKings and £35 on Fanaments – that would mean that your total fantasy football bankroll currently stands at £200.

Building a good bankroll should be treated as a marathon, not a sprint.

While it is understandably very tempting to get suckered in by the huge jackpots fantasy football providers put up for their biggest cash games, the reality is that your chances of winning these events are absolutely tiny.

You therefore need to be smart about what contests you enter if you want to improve your bankroll over a long period of time and make real cash out of playing daily fantasy football.

For people who dream of becoming professional daily fantasy football, good bankroll management is going to be absolutely key.

The 50/50 contests – sometimes known as double-up tournaments – are one of the best ways to build your bankroll in daily fantasy football.

Players should aim to win in at least six out of every 10 50/50 contests they enter as this will ensure a steady level of growth for their bankroll, while landing around one out of every 10 other tournaments will provide the big money wins that provide a serious boost to your overall balance.

There are various other strategies for good bankroll management too.

For example, only ever having 10 per cent of your bankroll in play at any one time, starting with small stakes and working your way steadily up to the larger entry fees, and playing more games to level out variance.

Of course, you should only ever spend money out of your overall fantasy football bankroll that you can afford to lose as no matter how good your strategy is, you will occasionally have a bad streak.