What are 50/50 Daily Fantasy Football contests?

One of the main types of daily fantasy football games available to play are the 50/50 contests.

On some daily fantasy football games, 50/50 games are also called double-up tournaments.

For many players, particularly those who are new to playing daily fantasy football, 50/50 games are a fantastic way to steadily build your bankroll.

While it can be tempting to go straight into the big money competitions that have vast amount of cash up for grabs, 50/50 games can provide a way to make steady improvements to your balance.

Typically in a 50/50 contest, the top half of the players will double their stake, while the bottom half of players at the end of the tournament lose their entry fee.

For example, if a 50/50 contests costs £5 to enter, finishing in the top half would earn a daily fantasy football player £10. These might not be big amounts of money, but they mount up fast.

When playing 50/50 contests there is less need to take risks with player selections, as footballers who can be relied on to score a decent number of points are more likely to get you in the top half rather than someone who could score a huge amount, but could also end up getting nothing.

Some players believe smaller 50/50 fantasy football games are better to join, but a larger field can also improve your chances of winning and doubling your stake due to the fact that it reduces the variance, making it less likely you get beaten out by opponents who register massive point scores.

Fantasy sites are now also beginning to offer triple-up contests, which work in much the same way as a 50/50 game, but you need to finish in the top third to win three times your entry fee.