The Unorthodox Transfers Quiz

How much do you really know about football transfers ?

If you have participated in any season-long fantasy football contests, you will have a good understanding of the value of transfers.

You need to transfer players in at various times throughout the season, to freshen up your side, taking into account upcoming fixtures, the form of your players, injuries, suspensions and so on.

Your goal is to find players that have the highest possible fantasy points per dollar (or pound) return so that you make the best use of the available budget.

If you do this well, you are likely to be a successful manager but how is your knowledge when it comes to football transfers in general?

There have been some strange shenanigans down the years when it comes to transfer activity, with a plethora of high profile players being traded via some curious currencies.

Test your knowledge by taking the following quiz!



We would like to say a special thanks to the team at Clubline Football for providing the infographics.

Let us know how you got on and feel free to send us any stories about transfers that might be worth hearing about!