The Power of the Review

With the new season now starting to swing into top gear we thought it would be an opportune moment to heap a bit of praise on some of the daily fantasy football operators who have been working tirelessly to produce platforms and games that are a pleasure to play.

Already the improvements from last season look immense. We are seeing bigger prize pools, a wider array of competition structures, new soccer leagues and more sports being thrown into the mix, new languages being added, much more user-friendly lobbies with sleeker team-building capabilities and better live scoring functionality, making following the matches a really tense and enjoyable experience.

Crowd Cheering

Sites have moved from beta testing to full monetization and of course there will always be teething troubles along the way but the signs are very encouraging and we thought  it would be an appropriate time to give a big thumbs up to all involved for their continued efforts.

However, what might also benefit these sites is feedback and recognition from you, the players, which is why we have added a customer testimonial section to each of our review pages. Feel free to add your comments by using our ‘submit a review’ option, highlighting what you like about a particular game or which features you would like to see in the near future.

Fantasy Football Sites

If everyone in the industry works together I’m sure the operators will come up with something even better and that would be great news for all those who have a passion for this industry!

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