Sweat is a common fantasy football term that arises in the latter stages of any given contest.

If a fantasy football user is in the top few places on a leaderboard with a big cash prize up for grabs, they are said to be ‘sweating’ on the result of the last game in a tournament.

This term is used in the same way as it would be in betting, for instance if nine teams on your accumulator have won and you are only waiting for the last match to finish to see if your bet is a winner or not.

Let’s look at an example of why fantasy football players might be feeling sweat in a Premier League fantasy football game.

For example, the final match of your chosen contest sees Manchester City taking on Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. You have Sergio Agüero in your team, while your rivals at the top of the leaderboard have opted to select Diego Costa. However, not all fantasy football sites allow you to check the teams other users have selected.

In this example, to win the tournament, you likely need Agüero to outscore Costa – which means you are sweating on the result of that match to see if you win.

Due to the fact that most daily fantasy football games allow you to follow scoring in real time to see how your players are performing, you can decide whether or not to follow the scores as they update if you are sweating on the last game, or ignore it entirely and check in later.

The final few moments of a daily fantasy football contest can be extremely nerve-wracking for those players with teams competing at the top of the leaderboard, making users literally sweat over the performance of their chosen footballers.