Late Swap

What does Late Swap mean?

Late Swap is one of the most exciting features you can currently use in daily fantasy football, with DraftKings and FanDuel UK both offering the option.

With so many kick-off times staggered to fit into TV schedules these days, Late Swap is a fantastic innovation that can spark your fantasy football team into life in the middle of a contest.

How Late Swap works is this: Whereas on most daily fantasy football games your team is locked in as soon as the first game in the contest has started, on sites like DraftKings and Fanduel UK you can keep tinkering. You can continue making changes to your side until the last match kicks off, so long as the games including any players you intend editing, are still to start.

So why would you ever need to make a change to your starting lineup at that stage? Well, they might get injured in the warm-up, or they may simply be left out by their manager. That could leave your team a man down and vastly reduce your chances of challenging at the top of a fantasy football contest for the big cash prizes.

A common Late Swap strategy is to make sure your flex picks are not playing until towards the end of the contest, so you can bring them into your side if you need to replace a player.

Late Swap can be used to both increase and reduce risk. If you are trailing in a contest you can swap in a risky pick who could score big points, while if you are leading a tournament you might instead want to switch to a safer option who is likely to score a predictable points score.

Fantasy football success is all about making the most of your options to come out on top in contests. Late Swap is therefore a very useful tool for those players who want to keep a close eye on their teams after the tournament has begun.