Fantasy Football Tips

What are fantasy football tips ?

Fantasy football tips generally fall into one of two categories and have nothing to do with the common use of the term ‘tips’ that often refer to gratuities that may be left by a customer in a catering establishment.

The first instance in which tips might be used in a fantasy football sense relates to player picks for any upcoming daily fantasy football contest or traditional fantasy football gameweek or full-season competition. These recommendations could be selected by an analyst based on sound reasoning or may just be choices put forward by any aspiring fantasy football manager.

Some services may even charge a fee for their daily picks and may be generated by computer simulated line-up optimization programs.

The second way in which tips might be used in fantasy football parlance relates to strategy and tactics. More skilful managers will focus on areas such as team news, fixture difficulty and playing positions, while factoring in the value of available players in the process.

Tips in this sense would be information that is provided to enhance the fantasy managers’ armoury.

It’s worth remembering that part of the fun of fantasy football is making your own choices, although, like most things in life it is a learning curve, so acquiring as much information as possible can be beneficial. Whether it is player recommendations or general fantasy football advice, the onus is always on the reader to determine which fantasy football tips, if any, he should heed most attention to.