Entry Fee

Entry fee is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when selecting which tournaments to join on your chosen daily fantasy football sites.

The entry fee is simply the amount of money it costs to join a contest and it often correlates to the amount of money that is up for grabs in cash prizes for a particular competition.

As an example, if an entry fee for a contest has been set at £10 it will typically boast larger cash prizes than a tournament that is priced at just £1 to enter.

However, fantasy players should keep in mind that the larger the field of players entering a tournament, the less chance they have of coming out on top at the end of a gameweek.

Even the best fantasy players will find it very hard to win a contest that has hundreds or even thousands of people entering in the hope of taking a massive cash prize, so taking care when examining entry fees is well worth the research.

Double-up and 50/50 games are one of the best types of fantasy football contests to play for users who are determined to build their bankroll. As you only have to finish in the top half of players to win cash, this improves your chances of success quite radically. For example, if you spend £10 to enter a 50/50 contest you have a good chance of coming out with £20 at the tournament’s end.

However, if you spend £10 on an entry fee for a tournament boasting a huge top prize, but with thousands of players signed up to play and only a handful getting a cash prize, then your chances of winning immediately become a lot slimmer.

Some daily fantasy football games have no entry fee at all – these are called freeroll contests.