Diversification is one of the best routes to long-term success in daily fantasy football.

Having diversified line-ups is particularly key if you are playing with a variety of different daily fantasy football games – but what exactly does diversifying mean in fantasy football terms?

Diversifying line-ups essentially means making sure you are not entering the same teams in different tournaments to increase your chances of winning the biggest cash prizes.

You may want to spread out your selection of high ticket players across a number of different teams to ensure you do not miss out whichever of them scores big points on a gameweek.

It is often said that playing fantasy football across many fantasy football sites is a lot like stock picking. Diversification is vital and the key to success is to find players who are undervalued.

Diversification also includes not picking too many players from the same team. If you have three players from Arsenal and they have a poor result in their fixture, this is going to do a lot more damage to your side than if you only had one Arsenal player. Spreading your team across as many different teams as possible is therefore a very good diversification ploy in fantasy football.

Players should also diversify with the types of tournament they enter. While it is tempting to enter contests with huge cash prizes, the chances of winning these tournaments are very low. Instead, players will improve their chances of winning contests by entering 50/50 games and double-up contests where all they need to do to improve their bankroll is finish in the top half of users.

In the world of finance, portfolio diversification is one of the most important ways to reduce the level of risk and the same logic stands true in daily fantasy football games.

Anyone who dreams of being able to make a living by playing daily fantasy football games professionally on a full-time basis must therefore put diversification at the heart of their strategy.