Keeping on track of deadlines is absolutely crucial for anyone who wants to take fantasy football games seriously, challenging for top spot in leaderboards and winning big cash prizes as a result.

Deadlines vary between every fantasy football game out there, but usually the last time you will be able to make a change to your team is shortly before kick-off of the first match involved in your chosen game, whether you are playing a single match contest or a whole weekend of action.

Leaving your team selection as late as possible before the deadline is one of the best ways to get the best possible side out you can, but you do not want to risk missing the deadline to finalise the XI you are competing with in your favoured fantasy football league.

The deadline in most daily fantasy football games is usually scheduled so you will be able to see the team line-ups that have been confirmed for the first game on the schedule, which may influence the decisions you make regarding your team selection.

However, in order to make sure that you are not rushing to put a squad together in the last few minutes before a deadline, it is often worth picking a team in advance and then merely tweaking it as the deadline approaches.

Most daily fantasy football games now allow you to confirm your place in a tournament and then come back to edit your team at a later time, as long as it is still before the closing deadline, so there is no need to leave picking your side until a few minutes ahead of the deadline passing.

In the seasonal Fantasy Premier League game, the deadline for finalising your team is an hour before the kick-off time in the Gameweek’s first match, which is usually early Saturday afternoon.