In fantasy football terms, action can have a number of different meanings, but at its most basic level, action simply means having a bet.

Action can also refer to the amount of money you have tied up in entry fees for fantasy football contests at any one time.

For example, if you have three entries in a contest that costs £10 to enter on a particular fantasy football site, your action at that point would be £30.

Your total action might also be split across a number of different daily fantasy football games if you do not just play on one fantasy football site.

In this case, your action on DraftKings could be £25, while you also have £10 worth of action on FanDuel, as well as a further £15 of action on Oulala.

This would make your fantasy football action at that particular time to be worth a total of £50.

When discussing fantasy football games, players may well say things like “I have a lot of action on DraftKings for this weekend’s matches” or “I have a lot of action with Oulala this gameweek”.

Some fantasy football games may also use the word action to refer to how players score points.

For instance, a scoring action could be a goal or an assist for an attacking player, while for a goalkeeper it could be a penalty save and for a defender it could be an unlucky own goal.

Finally, action refers to what matches are taking place over the course of a particular gameweek.

“Here are the fantasy players to look out for in Premier League action this weekend” would be a typical usage of action in this way.