Bench Players

While in some fantasy football games you only need to pick 11 players to make up your chosen team, daily fantasy football providers are increasingly offering users the opportunity to name a full squad to make use of substitutions.

Bench players do not typically earn points for your fantasy football team unless you are able to substitute them into the action, which is a move only some daily fantasy football sites offer.

Using bench players may well be the next logical development for the daily fantasy football industry and some sites have already made the decision to open up bench players to users.

For example, Oulala allows players to name a squad of up to 17 footballers, but users can elect to choose a team of just 11 players if they wish to do so.

Being able to use bench players adds a new element to daily fantasy football and makes winning games even more of a challenge, therefore rewarding the best players and evening out the possibility of luck playing a big role in who gets the cash prizes at the end of a contest.

On Oulala, how using bench players is like this: if you want to take off a member of your team after 70 minutes of their match and replace them with a substitute, your original pick stops scoring points for you at that time. Your substitute will only score points for your team from their actions after the 70-minute mark, however.

There is no doubt that being able to use bench players to substitute in new footballers adds a whole new dimension to playing daily fantasy football and this could be the future for these games.

Bench players are often cheap selections to avoid using up budget that can be spent on star men.