Football Betting Tips

The JudgeThe team at Fantasy Football Portal are fully aware that many of our visitors are privy to the occasional football bet, so we are delighted to introduce you to The Judge.

With over 25 years of experience in the field of sports betting, The Judge has seen it all. He will share his industry insights as well as bringing you a series of articles emphasizing the key element to successful betting – value.

To put things into perspective, your only way of achieving long-term profits is to consistently find value, odds that are available and greater than the true probable chance of something happening.

He will highlight the markets that you should focus on primarily – Asian Handicaps and Total Goals, those markets where the bookmakers have less of an advantage due to lower betting margins but also illustrate how niche markets can be a goldmine.

It’s very much a numbers game where the core pricing metric for match betting is predicting the amount of goals each team is expected to score. However, it’s equally important to understand how motivation, form, playing formations, suspensions and injuries can impact on these,  so The Judge will walk you through the process of evaluating whether a ‘betting tip’ represents value or not.