Fantasy Goalkeepers – Knowing who to pick

How to Pick a Goalkeeper for Your Fantasy Football Team

The 2016/17 Premier League campaign is done and dusted with Chelsea reaping the rewards – but that doesn’t mean you can get lazy as there’s now plenty of time for you to do your homework so you can get your fantasy football team in good shape ready for next term. One problem when it comes to picking a good fantasy football team is finding the right balance between quality of players and the price of them – and usually, this problem occurs when it comes to choosing a shot stopper between the sticks. If you’re looking for help when it comes to choosing a good goalkeeper for your team, pay special attention to the following.

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How Good is Their Distribution?

Goalkeepers don’t often win the man of the match award unless they have been under the cosh all game and still haven’t let anything in. However, they do often get good ratings from the distribution of the ball and how well they have kept their defence in order so it’s always worth basing your selection on that alone.

How Hot is Their Head?

You need a keeper that is calm under pressure and not one with a hot head who’s likely to come sliding out to earn themselves a red card – previous statistics help in this instance but also watching previous games is a clever idea to see what their attitude is like.

What’s It Going to Cost You?

The price is always important when it comes to fantasy football as we have all been in a situation when we’ve needed to find one more player but haven’t had enough money when it comes to quality. Some players feel choosing a cheap goalkeeper is the way forward because keepers aren’t going to be the ones that get loads of points on the board anyway, but it’s still important you choose a keeper that’s quality enough to get in the team in the first place. Always pay special attention to the price just so you don’t suffer when it comes to choosing one last player to finish your team.

Are They Going to Play Every Week?

It’s important you choose a keeper that’s going to play every week otherwise you’re not going to get those vital points that could be the difference in your campaign. All managers alter their teams regularly but often keep the same goalkeeper between the sticks so always have a look at last season’s form to see what keeper was played the most and which ones were benched. For example, if you look at Manchester City last season both of their keepers played a part in the season so they might not be at the top of your shopping list because you don’t know who’s going to play from one week to the next.

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Who Do You Think is Going to Win the League?

This is hard to determine in pre-season but it could help you out a lot when it comes to choosing a keeper. If you think Chelsea are going to win the league again you could probably pick Thibaut Courtois as your goalkeeper choice as you’re going to get all the above from him and Chelsea will likely keep many clean sheets.

Or if you think Man United are going to have a chance at winning the league you could opt for David De Gea (if he doesn’t leave for Madrid). Have a look at the Betfred betting offers courtesy of The Bookie Offers – you can find plenty of free bets here and you’ll also get an idea of title odds via the bookmaker if you’re going to rely on the market to give you an idea of choosing players for next season.

There are many points to consider when it comes to choosing a keeper for your fantasy football side but if you consider all the above there isn’t much you can do wrong and you will be unlucky not to come away with a few extra points most weekends!