DraftKings set for February UK launch date

You may recall that leading daily fantasy sports operator DraftKings acquired a UK licence towards the end of 2015 and had originally intended to launch in December 2015. This didn’t quite happen, possibly due to the fantasy sports industry coming in for a lot of close scrutiny in the States over the last few weeks. The skill versus luck debate has again reared its head, resulting in individual States taking their own stance on legality and regulation issues. This is likely to continue for the foreseeable future but in a recent publication in the Boston Globe, Janet Holian, DraftKings new global CMO, is quoted as saying that a mid-February launch in the UK is very much on the agenda, which could be great news for all fantasy sports enthusiasts.

DraftKings are one of two major players in the USA, along with rivals Fanduel . They offer contests on a wide range of sports which include NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, College Football and Basketball, PGA Golf, NASCAR, Mixed Martial Arts , eSports and of course daily fantasy football (or soccer as the Americans like to refer to it). They recently held a contest in which $15m was up for grabs that resulted in a first prize of $5m being awarded to Aaron Jones.

Fantasy Football Portal - DK $5 million

If you are a regular visitor to Fantasy Football Portal you will know that we have looked at their soccer product on a number of occasions. They have made changes to their rules and game format and you can simply click on the DraftKings tag at the bottom of this article for more information on this. However, for fantasy football managers there are 3 main things to look out for within the DraftKings product:

  • Win Bonus for a goalkeeper when his team claims a victory
  • Neither defenders or midfielders are penalised for goals conceded
  • Crosses (including corner kicks) impact heavily on the scoring

At Fantasy Football Portal we will keep you up to date with any new developments regarding the nuances of their scoring criteria and that all-important launch date as well as providing a comprehensive DraftKings UK review and ‘How to play’ guide so make sure you reference those!

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