Creating A Level Playing Field

Can Yahoo shake up the Daily Fantasy Sports market in the UK?

The UK Daily Fantasy Sports market may have suffered a bit of a set-back when FanDuel announced that they would not be offering Fantasy Premier League contests to UK players for the upcoming season but one household name that will be doing so is Yahoo.

Now if you have ever played in online poker contests, you may well be aware that the game has had to deal with a reputation of sharks feeding on fish and to counteract this many sites offer games that are exclusive to beginners only.

Some will argue that Daily Fantasy Sports fall into a similar category due to the complexities of scoring and this is one of the main reasons why Fantasy Football Portal was set up – to help educate the masses!

Experienced players are likely to hold a significant advantage over complete newcomers so any site that sets out to combat this problem should be commended.

Yahoo, therefore, certainly tick the right boxes in that respect. Their mantra is ‘fair play’ and they have introduced a number of changes aimed at leveling the playing field. These include:

  • Restrictions on number of allowed entries per contest
  • Prohibiting automated entries and scripts
  • Labeling of highly experienced players as ‘Veterans’
  • No veterans and rookie only contests

This all means that Yahoo could be the perfect choice for a novice player.

Fantasy Premier League contests follow a similar format to that which you may be familiar with and you are required to select 11 players from a £200m budget. Late swap is permitted as well, so make sure you take advantage of that feature.

‘Learn to Play’ tournaments are clearly tagged in the soccer lobby so make sure that you check those out if you are visiting the site for the first time.Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy Daily Fantasy Soccer Contests

It’s not just football that is available at Yahoo either – contests also include the big 4 American sports – Baseball, Basketball, American Football and Ice Hockey!

Yahoo Fantasy Sports has plenty of promise and it looks like it could be an ideal destination for anybody that is looking to drill home the key fundamentals to fantasy football success. Why not give it a try?