A Time Management Cheat Sheet

Fantasy football managers know how important it is to have access to all the latest team news. Selecting players who subsequently play no part can have dire consequences on your chances of being successful. You need players on the pitch, giving their all, so that you can keep that scoreboard ticking over!

However, only a fortunate few are privileged enough to have a lifestyle that enables them to be online and available to make the necessary adjustments as they deem fit at all times. The majority will have to juggle with work and family commitments – often to the detriment of those fantasy football line-ups.

Major championships like Euro 2016 can exasperate the problem with matches scheduled at different times throughout the day.

There is also the added problem that you really want to watch a match on TV – national pride is on the line – the thought of being at work and missing out is simply unthinkable!

Every one of us, at some stage, has been forced to attend a wedding in the middle of a major football tournament – what could the bride and groom have been thinking when they planned their big day?

Luckily there are a few counter measures you can implement and we’re grateful to Clubline Football for providing us with a cheat sheet that should be bookmarked for future reference. Occasionally underhand tactics are needed and the mere thought of missing a key Euro 2016 match or sabotaging your chances of cashing in a prestigious fantasy football contest certainly fits the bill!

How To Pull Off The Perfect Sickie For The EUROs by Clubline Football