A Cross Between Daily and Seasonal

Fanto’s £1k season-long Fantasy Premier League competition is ticking the right boxes

There has been plenty of debate about the pros and cons of the main two types of fantasy football – daily and seasonal, so it is refreshing to see a game that tries to combine elements of the two.

Win £1000 at FantoIf you are familiar with the Official Fantasy Premier League game, you may have noticed that a new chip has been introduced ahead of the 2017/18 season called the ‘Free Hit’. This effectively means that unlimited transfers can be used in a single gameweek and then the squad returns to its former state in the following gameweek. Fanto’s season-long contest effectively makes this happen since there are unlimited transfers so the free hit is available every gameweek!

Simplicity is the key and there are no budgets to worry about either. Simply pick a squad for the first round of fixtures then do whatever you want with it in the weeks that follow. If you want to make changes each week, you can, there is no obligation. As always, take into account the significance of those goal projections and select your preferred formation for the round in question.

Scoring is relatively straight-forward as illustrated below and your substitutes will replace any non-starters on a weekly basis based on how you prioritize them so long as squad restrictions are adhered to.

Fanto Fantasy Football Scoring

The total points your squad earns each week will be aggregated, so that it’s easy to gauge your progress against other managers as the season unfolds. The competitor that collects the most points through the course of the season will claim the £1k first prize. The gameweek deadline is when the first match of the round kicks off, giving you ample time to make adjustments based on any confirmed team news. You will need to set a playing formation on a weekly basis though, so if you opt for 4-4-2 in one particular gameweek and one of your nominated 4 defenders does not start, he will be replaced by your 5th choice defender (substitute).

Something tells us that by having the option of drafting a brand new squad every week might just appeal to a few, so give it a go by signing up here. It could just be the perfect cross between daily and season-long fantasy football!