The Evolution Of Fantasy Sports?

Introducing Fanto – the one stop shop for all your Fantasy Sport needs

Fanto have certainly taken a different spin on Fantasy Sports.

Knowing that the first law to prosper in the jungle is being different, Fanto have focused heavily on adapting to being bigger and quicker than the competition.

Why Size matters

So what exactly does this Jonah Lomu approach mean?  Well, the Kiwi, who was one of greatest sporting hero’s EVER, would have been a phenomenon had fantasy rugby been around in his time, with his ability to use his size and speed to devastating effect.Unfortunately it wasn’t but these are the traits that Fanto are focusing on.

With types of games available ranging from free to play seasonal games for friends to the in-fashion daily/weekly games, Fanto can stand behind their statement of being multi-sport, multi-horizon and multi-platform.

Their catalogue of sports is impressive, with Fantasy Tennis, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Rugby, Fantasy Darts, Fantasy Golf, Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy F1 all having featured to date, so what the devil does that Multi-Platform mean? Put simple, it means you can play Fanto on App (Android and IoS), desktop, smartphone and tablet.

Speedy Gonzalez

OK, that’s the size part explained – and yes, Fanto really believe that they can be the biggest player in town with all the game types and sports available that you can play, so, how is Fanto the fastest?

Well, their budget free approach means that you no longer need to worry about the maths! Pick whoever you want, within the specified guidelines and you can submit an entry in no time at all.

Fanto strongly believe that this makes the quicker version of a daily game more fun. Why spend 20 minutes picking a team, for a competition that only lasts 3 hours! Instead, Fanto just limits by the number of players per team you can choose from.

It’s like picking an accumulator for the days fun but with less risk of losing it all, since you will still be alive if one player selection lets you down, whereas a whole acca is busted if one of your teams is 3-0 down after say only 20 minutes!

An ear to the ground

Fanto aims to be the most enjoyable and available fantasy sports platform out there, so to enable them to make this happen, they are more than happy to communicate and listen to what Fantasy Sports fans think can help them make their platform even better. Living up to their motto – Fanto is banto, they actively encourage visitors to email their founder with any questions, observation or abuse (if you are that way inclined!) Simply contact them via [email protected]

Fanto have a ‘quick registration’ option which certainly fits in well with ‘faster than the competition’ assertion so give them a try by signing up today, it might just become your one stop shop!

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