Value is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when selecting players for your daily fantasy football teams, no matter what types of tournament you are looking to enter.

The cost of a player compared to the number of points they score for your team is how to calculate the value of a player in daily fantasy football.

This means that even the most expensive player in the game can prove to be relative value if they prove to be the top scoring footballer during a particular gameweek.

So, for example, if you spent a big chunk of your budget on picking Manchester City’s striker Sergio Agüero and he scored a hat-trick in their fixture during the contest you have entered, that would still be money well spent – he would have shown himself to be excellent value.

However, the best value picks can often be found well down the player list. If you can find a bargain player who costs a small proportion of your budget, but who scores a big number of points for your fantasy squad, you are well on the way to success in the world of daily fantasy football.

Using projections can be a good way to work out whether a player will prove to be good value with the price tag they have been allocated, but a lot of daily fantasy football players also use gut feeling to estimate whether or not a footballer is good value.

A good way to work out a player’s value mathematically is to find out their $/point ratio, which is the number of points they score relative to each $ they cost out of your fantasy football budget.