Scoring is how your fantasy football picks earn points for your team, helping you to compete to win big cash prizes in daily fantasy games.

Each daily fantasy football site has a slightly different scoring method but they all work in a broadly similar way, with your players winning points for actions such as scoring a goal, contributing an assist or keeping a clean sheet.

Keep in mind that your players can also lose points for your team as well as scoring them. If your player gets a yellow or red card, or if they miss a penalty, this will usually cost your squad points.

It is worth taking a bit of time to examine the scoring system of your chosen fantasy football game before you start selecting your squad, as this may well affect which players you decide to select.

Most of the top fantasy football games use the statistics provided by a company called Opta to calculate their scoring. Players can usually watch their team score points in real time on their favourite fantasy football site, but these points may be subject to change.

While there are a lot of similarities between the scoring systems used by many daily fantasy football providers, some sites such as Oulala have a radically different way of scoring, with dozens of different actions allowing footballers to either score or lose points for squads.

Daily fantasy football often levels the playing field between defenders and attackers by awarding points for actions such as successful tackles and interceptions, so fantasy users should avoid spending the majority of their budget on attacking players. Some fantasy sites even award footballers points for each successful pass they complete during a match.

If you are playing a fantasy game where players score points for being involved in a win, this should also influence your selections, so take a detailed look at the fixture list before you begin.