The roster is another name for your squad – the players you pick in your fantasy football team.

Each fantasy football game has its own set of rules but your roster will typically be made up of 11 footballers – like a normal team – although in some cases you may get a few extra slots to fill with substitutes you can swap in during the gameweek, depending on your chosen fantasy game.

You will usually have to pick a certain number of players for each position too, for example a goalkeeper, three defenders, three midfielders and two strikers, although there is typically a level of flexibility and choice in the formations you can select for your roster.

There are a lot of different factors you should be thinking about when picking your roster for a daily fantasy football contest, but one of the most important of them is the fixture list.

Examining the schedule to see which teams are facing off over the course of a gameweek can give you insight into which players are likely to be among the top scoring stars for that contest.

You may want to stack your roster with players from a team you expect to win easily, but it is also often recommended to spread players around different clubs in order to reduce your level of risk.

There are many different strategies fantasy players use when selecting a roster, but a contrarian pick is always a useful tool to have in your armoury. This means picking a player who a lot of other fantasy football users will ignore, meaning you will outpoint them if that footballer scores highly.

What strategy you use for picking your roster and how many risky picks you select will also depend on what type of daily fantasy football contest you are planning to enter.