The biggest cash prizes in daily fantasy football often have large entry fees, meaning that for a lot of daily fantasy football players it is very hard to justify joining these contests.

However, there is a way to get into these games without forking out a massive entry fee and these are through qualifier events.

Qualifiers – which are also sometimes known as satellites in daily fantasy football, the two terms are virtually interchangeable – work in much the same way as they do in online poker.

There will be a low entry fee to join the qualifier and a certain number of players will gain entry to the next phase to keep alive their chances of winning the final top cash prize.

To take an example from the world of fantasy sports, in 2015 DraftKings ran a $15 Million Fantasy Football World Championship that offered an amazing $5 million prize to the eventual winner.

The only way to get a ticket into the final event was to win a pass through one of the qualifier contests that were run on DraftKings in the build-up to the Fantasy Football World Championship.

Qualifiers and satellites are worth entering but it is important to keep in mind how hard it is to win these events. There are often hundreds if not thousands of people competing for just a handful of places in the next round, so the competition is as fierce as it gets in daily fantasy football games.

Check how many people have entered a qualifier before finalising your roster, as the more entrants there are, the more risks you may need to take with your picks to come out on top.

It is typically recommended to use most of your bankroll on entering cash daily fantasy games, but qualifiers and satellites can lead to huge cash prizes if you are skilful and lucky enough to win.