Prop Bets

What is a Prop Bet?

When prop bets or proposition bets are offered they usually relate to whether something will occur or will not occur and are often a side bet (separate wager) within a specific match. There are generally 2 outcomes for customers to choose from such as ‘yes/no’ or ‘over/under’ although it is possible to add multiple outcomes to wager on.

A good example for Fantasy Premier League managers would be a prop bet where Mo Salah’s fantasy score for a particular match is made available and the prop bet might read something like this:

Will Mo Salah score 7 or more FPL points in GW10?

The bookmaker would then offer odds on the ‘Yes/No’ outcomes and a proviso might also be included such as ‘Must be in the starting line-up for action’. If Salah subsequently failed to start the match in question then all wagers would be cancelled with stakes returned to the punters.

Fantasy Football Portal - Zlatan PropProp bets are sometimes referred to as ‘exotics’ or ‘novelty bets’ and are seen as a useful acquisition tool for bookmakers since it is easy to target high profile events or jump on breaking news stories. Fan engagement and entertainment are key drivers behind the building of these bets so don’t be too shocked if you see a prop such as the following on Zlatan Ibrahimović’s rumoured move to Real Madrid:

Will Zlatan sign for Real Madrid?

It’s not just restricted to sporting events either. A plethora of props targeting political related themes or top-rated TV programmes will be made available from time to time.

From the punters’ perspective, it is easy to see how much juice the bookmakers have factored into their lines, something that is not always the case with long-lists where they are not obliged to offer odds on the other side, something ‘not happening’ for example. This means that there can be plenty of value for the astute punter so why not make proposition betting part of your betting armoury?